How to Put Things Properly in Storage Units in Southern California

It is important to have both planning and organization in place before using the storage unit properly. If you are looking for storage units in Southern California, you will find various options available, however a little planning can go a long way in making your task easier and ensuring that the service provider in Southern California serves you in the best way possible. Here are some packing tips and suggestions so that the storage space can be utilized fully.

Proper Tools

Before you start using the storage space get the packing paper, sealing tape, corrugated cartons, bubble wrap and the furniture covers in place. Get those things beforehand from the shops. It is important to seal the boxes with packing tapes. This is because if the boxes are not tightly sealed the dust will enter the boxes. With the efficient taping sturdiness and support is also provided to heavy boxes.

Cover the Furniture, Mattresses and Chairs

The furniture legs should be wrapped properly with bubble wrap or if possible with pads or furniture coves so that there is no possibility of scratching. Put the slipcovers on the chairs and use plastic chair covers to cover the chairs. The bed rails should be secured together and they should be marked so that they can be assembled properly later on. It is better to cover them with mattresses so that they are kept clean during storage.


It is important to put labels on the boxes and keep an inventory of them as you put the things in them. The boxes should be labelled from all sides so that they can be easily identified later on. It is important also to mark the fragile items. The boxes that contain fragile items should be kept atop the heavier and hard boxes. Also keep a list of the boxes with the descriptions and the pictures of the content for future reference.

Use the spaces in the stored furniture and the appliances: Before putting the dresser drawers and other large appliances such as refrigerators and the stoves, put the smaller items such as towels, linens or the smaller fragile items in them. Use bubble wrap or linens or newspaper to cover them properly so that they remain secured.

Do not put too much or too little stuff on the boxes: If possible use similar sizes boxes in the storage space. Also it is important to fill the boxes tightly and not to put too much or too little of stuff in the boxes. Remember both half full boxes and bulging cartons are bound to collapse and then everything within the storage unit will go topsy turvy. If the box is not completely full then use newspapers, rugs, blankets or towels or even bubble wrap to fill up the empty space. Also the cartons should be protected with tape.

Distribute Properly

If you are only keeping the heavy items within the storage unit then it is fine, but if you are packing them in boxes with other items then it is better to distribute the heavy items in various boxes. Use more than two or three boxes for heavy items and put them in the storage unit and use larger boxes for storing the light items in the storage unit.

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